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Description of Creative Typography Design

Have you looked for an app to write on pictures with professional tools in mind to help you with your typography designs?

Create stunning typography on your photos and have complete control. With CTDesign, writing on photos is easier, more creative, and gets you amazing results. This app will give you the ability to write on photos like a pro.

CTDesign is the best app for typing on photos with complete set of tools and ease of use!

Main Features:

---> Ability to choose photos from the gallery and crop, rotate, or flip them easily.

---> Adding unlimited text with different styles and unique ways.

---> Modifiable stickers.

---> Layering system.

---> Saving and sharing your design easily from within the app.

Typing/Writing Styles:

1- Writing in a regular text box with the ability to:

---> Align, change weight, and underline the text.

---> Adding gradient fill to text with up to 6 colors in different directions.

---> Highlighting the text with any color.

---> Control the opacity of the text.

---> Adding shadow to the text and control it completely.

---> Adding stroke and control it completely.

---> Skewing the text horizontally and vertically.

---> Control text line height.

---> Filling the text with any color.

---> Choosing from more then 300 English/Arabic fonts or any imported font.

2- Writing with wordart or typography or speech bubble:

---> Ready to use typography styles.

---> Different wordart styles including writing with fire, water, blood...

---> Two modifiable speech bubbles with the ability to change their backgrounds, font color.

Intuitive Layering System:

---> The ability to change the order of every layer/object you have.

---> The ability to lock any layer.

---> The ability to delete any layer easily.

---> The ability to change the way you move stickers in the pictures.

You also enjoy more than 2000 stickers. And You can even add your own fonts and use them easily in the app.

Choose From More Than 30 Ready-To-Use Templates.

If you have any complaint, issue, suggestion, or concern, please don't hesitate to email us at:

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Mohammed Hameid 12 months ago

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عااأشت الايادي مبدعين رائعين استمرو ننتظر الافضل

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à́s̀́m̀́à́ c̀́à́ǹ́ 1 year ago

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⇣ ْ•❥ ހވވވވވވعٍہ هْ•❥ ⇣

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سمير العراقي 1 year ago

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اروع برنامج خطوط عربية هو في القمة بارك الله بمصمم البرنامج

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